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natural gas explosion

Natural Gas Explosion Lawyers

A gas explosion is an explosion resulting from a gas leak in the presence of an ignition source. The principal explosive gases are natural gas, methane, propane and butane, because they are widely used for heating purposes. Industrial gas explosions can be prevented with the use of intrinsic safety barriers to prevent ignition.

Working in the natural gas industry is dangerous. The incidence of accidental injury and death is high. Unfortunately, companies often ignore safety problems, and serious accidents can occur.

Many times it's not only oil and gas workers affected by gas explosions, but rather the citizens living around the pipelines that live in danger. At the Dallas law firm of Miller Weisbrod, LLP, we believe in holding natural gas companies responsible for their negligence.

Experience and Results in Gas pipeline Accident Cases

Miller Weisbrod has successfully pursued multiple lawsuits against natural gas companies arising from explosions due to aging pipes, broken pipes and inadequate policies relating to replacement of natural gas pipe components. Clay Miller, partner in Miller Weisbrod, recently obtained a $12,500,000 Settlement in a gas explosion resulting in serious burn injuries to our clients.

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