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Balcony Collapse Lawyers

Over the last several years our law firm has handled several cases where a balcony collapse resulted in a serious injury or death.

In December, firm partner Clay Miller and associate attorney Warren Armstrong tried the case of Nohemi Campos vs. Loma Del Rey Apartments and A-Bar T Construction (162nd Judicial District Court).

The case resulted in a $2,138,000 jury verdict.

In this case, our client Nohemi Campos was attending a party at an apartment in Denton, Texas. Nohemi was standing on the balcony with 3-4 other people when it suddenly collapsed.

Nohemi fell one story to the ground and her ankle dislocated and fractured through the skin. Nohemi underwent internal fixation of the ankle joint at the hospital and has suffered continuing medical problems and pain since the collapse. Nohemi’s past medical expenses were just over $100,000 and her treating physician estimated she would need multiple procedures over her life time totaling approximately $350,000 in cost. Nohemi had no appreciable loss of earnings capacity and no claim was made at trial. Our trial presentation included a structural engineer who used a model to explain to the jury that when the balcony had been reconstructed some 5-6 years before the collapse it did not comply with the applicable building code and lacked the appropriate structural support components. Additionally, we brought Nohemi’s current treating surgeon who participated in a computer graphics presentation that included 3-D renderings of radiographics, intra-operative photographs and medical illustrations that conveyed the complex nature of Nohemi’s injury and the future pain and disability her injuries would cause her over her lifetime. The jury’s verdict included over $1,500,000 for past and future pain and impairment.

Previously we represented a family whose adult son was killed when his balcony collapsed due to improper modifications by the apartment maintenance personnel. The maintenance staff had cut supports from underneath the balcony without proper temporary support. When our client walked out of his apartment, the balcony collapsed and he was crushed by the cement decking of the balcony. After intense litigation, the case settled shortly before trial for a confidential sum.

Other cases our firm has litigated include balcony accidents due to rotten wood or corroded railings. Railing failures occur due to improper placement or corroded connection points. Many of our balcony cases have been successful due to quick investigation including obtaining temporary restraining orders to prevent destruction of key evidence and allowing immediate inspection of the balcony and remnants by our experts.

If you have a client that has been injured or lost a loved one due to a balcony collapse, we would be honored to assist you. Please contact us quickly so we can file any needed restraining orders and begin the necessary failure analysis that will increase the chances of substantial result!