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As the leader in personal injury verdicts, we have been the subject of several articles on our ground breaking cases. We are actively involved in pivotal litigation.

Some cases prompt ongoing involvement, such as that of nine-year-old Kami Favors. The third-grader from Odessa, Texas died in the office of her ear, nose and throat physician during a simple surgical procedure. Though Miller Weisbrod, LLP filed a lawsuit and settled the case, that was not enough for Les Weisbrod or Kami´s parents. The Favors' lawsuit was the third case Miller Weisbrod, LLP had handled regarding the death of a child being administered anesthesia outside of a hospital setting.

Since the early 1990s, Mr. Weisbrod had proposed legislation that would regulate outpatient anesthesia practices in Texas to prevent such deaths. Kami Favors' death and lawsuit became catalysts for change. Mr. Weisbrod enlisted bipartisan support in his relentless pursuit of the legislation now known as Kami's Bill. New regulations from the Texas Board of Medical Examiners under this law require for the first time that outpatient surgery settings have the type of safety monitors and inspection of anesthesia equipment that have long been standard in hospitals.

Take a look at some of the articles that have been published regarding our cases. If you feel that you are involved in a situation that may have some similarities to these cases please contact us. We will be able to help.